Global Orphan Crisis
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1. Does the family actually receive the money?

No. The money is paid to their adoption agency or agencies on their behalf.

2. How much of my donation goes towards the cause?


3. How do I apply to post my profile on the Village to Village Intl. website?

Go to our online application and fill it out and submit it.

4. Is this just for international adoptions?

No, this is for any adoption; domestic or international. We are choosing to work with Hague approved agencies at this time.  No independent adoptions accepted.

5. Can I give more than $10?

Yes, you can give any size gift that you would like.

6. Can I sign up to give my $10 a month automatically?

Yes, you can do so here.

7. Can I just give $120 annually?

Yes, you can do so here.

8. Do I have to have a homestudy done to apply?

Yes, you do need to have a completed homestudy in order to apply.

9. Do I have to be married to qualify?


10. How much money can I raise through Village to Village Intl.?

You can set your goal anywhere up to $10,000 per child that you are adopting.

11. Can I apply a second time for another adoption?

Yes. You can use Village to Village Intl. for as many adoptions as you would like.

12. What happens to the leftover money, if I do not use it all?

You can choose to give the leftover money to another family or special project of your choice or the board will decide for you.

13. If I've already adopted, will Village to Village help me with my unpaid adoption debt?


14. How long does it take to hear back about my application?

We take applications in the order that they are received.  We review our applications throughout the month and vote on apporval once a month.  If you apply in January your application would more than likely be reviewed in February.  This timeline is subject to change based on the number of applications we receive.

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