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Terry Waggoner (Senior Advisor)

Middlebury, Indiana is a small farming community in northern Indiana. Automobiles and Amish buggies share the streets and the excitement of fresh apple cider, baked goods, and a peaceful-landscape greet many tourists each year. Middlebury is also the home of Terry and Juli Waggoner, where Terry serves the community as a Chiropractor. They are honored to be the parents of six children that range in age from 6-31 years old. The Waggoners enjoy vacationing in Minnesota where they hike, bike, fish, cookout, swim in the lake, and enjoy family games together. They could easily be considered Rummikub professionals. Cheering on a baseball team from the bleachers or from the sofa is also a family pastime. As adoptive parents themselves, Terry and Juli love to advocate for children in need while sharing their story about the beauty of adoption and how it has changed them personally. Terry is excited to join Village to Village International as a senior advisor, to spread the word to children around the world that they are loved and that they matter. 

Toussaint Goudeaux

Waking early to walk to a nearby coffee shop is Toussaint’s morning routine.  As he walks home sipping coffee his earbuds share an audio book, podcast or lecture with this life-long learner.   A graduate from Princeton University and currently a Consultant in Chicago, Toussaint enjoys unwrapping life’s questions.  While he appreciates a deep conversation, he can also be found kicking around a soccer ball, playing a card game, or enjoying eating chicken curry with a friend.  When asked why he was passionate about caring for vulnerable children, he answered:

“The smiles. In the midst of struggle, lack and pain a child can find the inkling of hope and mirth. Their grin, for a moment, pushes everything away for them and for anyone who catches a glimpse of it for that magical second. It's a wish that those grins would be so much more frequent.”

Matt & Stacey Borst

All five Borst children approved unanimously to make "Taco Tuesday" a new family tradition beginning immediately. Be sure that the ketchup will be served on this evening and "ketchup on tacos" is sure to make it into Borst family cookbooks in the future. The Borsts also enjoy family bike rides, music and dancing, and opening up their home to family and friends. Matt and Stacey work full-time administrating the day-to-day responsibilities of Village to Village Intl. out of their family home in Elkhart, Indiana. Adoption and advocating for children in need is life-changing and has touched the Borst family personally. They are thrilled to lead Village to Village Intl. and bring hope and love to children in need because they all matter to the Creator.


Stefanie Goudeaux

Stefanie is a mother to two and a wife to one. She is a sushi loving, cardio dance going, Alfred Hitchcock film watching, mom who you will find at home most days playing with her two boys. The one major thing on her bucket list is seeing Machu Picchu in Peru. When asked what she is most passionate about when it comes to children she said; “I'm most passionate about children having a place where they belong and feel loved.  When I was a teacher I tried to create that environment in my classroom.  Now I try to do that in my own home with my boys and neighbors.” Stef went to Grand Valley State University and graduated with a Spanish and Elementary Education degree.



Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca loves a number of things; soccer, sushi, Naan, her comfy couch, traveling, and so much more. One thing that WE love about Rebecca is her love for kids. We asked Rebecca why she thought she would be a good fit to be on our board and she said, “I want children to know that they are loved and that they have value. Everyone wants to be known and feel safe. Vulnerable children, especially need that.” As Rebecca envisions her future she mentioned two things specifically; first, her and her husband Erik, would love to adopt and secondly, she would like to travel to Thailand to ride an elephant and participate in a Thai Lantern Festival. Who knows, maybe she could go on her elephant ride and participate in the lantern festival while adopting from Thailand. We will have to wait and see.

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