Global Orphan Crisis
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  • According to UNICEF, there are estimated to be between 143 and 210 million orphans worldwide. This estimate does not include those children who have been abandoned. This estimate also does not include orphans living in countries that fail to report orphan statistics (mostly those in the Middle East).
  • 500,000 children are in the foster care system in America. 130,000 of these children are immediately adoptable.
  • Every 15 seconds, another child becomes an AIDS orphan in Africa.1
  • In Sub-Saharan Africa between 1990 and 2003, the number of children orphaned by AIDS increased from less than one million to an estimated 12.6 million.2
  • Every day, 5,760 more children become orphans.
  • Every year, 2,102,400 more children become orphans (in Africa alone).
  • 143,000,0003 orphans in the world today spend an average of 10 years4 in an orphanage or foster home.
  • Approximately 250,000 children are adopted annually.
  • Every year, 14,050,000 children still grow up as orphans and age out of the system.5
  • Every day 38,493 children age out of the system.
  • Every 2.2 seconds, another orphan child ages out with no family to belong to and no place to call home
  • In Ukraine and Russia, 10% -15% of children who age out of an orphanage commit suicide before age 18.
  • 60% of these girls are lured into prostitution.  70% of these boys become hardened criminals6


2 July 2004 UNICEF Report on AIDS

3 According to figures from the United Nations. These statistics include children in the American Foster Care system

4 This is an estimate. Infants may stay as long as 18 years while children who become orphans at an older age stay a shorter time

5 To AGE OUT means to grow to the age where a child is forced to leave the orphanage or foster home with no place to call home


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