New Day Formula Sponsorship

New Day Formula Sponsorship

Who New Day Foster Home

Location Beijing, China

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What is more basic to human survival than good nutrition? Many of the children who reside in poor orphanages in less-developed parts of China lack just that. In certain parts of China, nutritious formula isn't even available for purchase! We have found that due to a lack of resources, some orphanages feed their babies under one year old cow's milk, rice powder, or in some cases, simply water. None of these options provide enough nutrition for an infant, so it often results in severe malnutrition and in some cases, death.

New Day's Formula Project ensures each child under one in their partner orphanages has the healthy start they need. $25 a month will provide one child with the eight bags of infant formula he or she needs to eat well.  Will you help us sponsor 4 children by making a monthly donation or a one-time donation to help provide formula for these little ones? 


$1,200 Raised of a $1,200 Goal
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To make a tax deductible donation click on the "donate" button. Follow the steps all the way through the checkout process.

All donations and expenditures are subject to the approval by the board of Village to Village Intl. Thank you for your gift.

You may also choose to send a check. Make your check out to Village to Village Intl. and send it to 1110 Portage Ave. Attn: Matt Borst South Bend, IN 46616
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