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We offer two different opportinities for parent training. Both of these trainings rely heavily on the priciples developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and her colleages at the Kary Purvis Institute for Child Development. Watch this video to find out more about these principles.


1. Empowered to Connect Conference Simulcast

Every year, in April, we host the Simulcast of the Empowered to Connect Conference. We always host this in the Michiana area and are always looking to help other people who would like to host the simulcast in their area. If you are interested in hosting the simulcast or if you have questions about hosting, please feel free to get in touch with us at

2. 9-week Connect Course

The connect corse is offered twice a year, the spring and fall. This is a 9-week in person training with anywhere from 5-8 families. We cover topics such as 

  1. Building a Foundation of Connection
  2. Examining What You Bring to the Relationship
  3. Discovering the Heart of Connection
  4. Focusing on the Needs of the Whole Child

If you are interested in participating in the Connect Course please email Matt Borst for more information;


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