The Sprankle Family

The Sprankle Family

Who Tim & Liz Sprankle

Location Warsaw, IN

Adoption Type International

Adopting From Ethiopia

Notes Raised $3,600

Our Story

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In August 2014 a friend sent us a text message about an Ethiopian boy on a Waiting Child List. We spent a month considering the 6-year old boy’s file: he was mute, physically challenged, functionally deaf, and cognitively delayed. We could not keep ourselves from loving him. So in September 2014 we agreed to pursue the adoption. We changed agencies, updated paperwork, and resumed fundraising.

At that point, adoption was no longer a sea of nameless orphans, but a specific boy: Sensi. We began to pray for him by name. It was not until after the adoption was completed that we learned his name means, “a wish fulfilled by God,” a name we will keep.

We waited another year and a half before Sensi came to his forever home. The final three months robbed us of sleep and racked us with anxiety. The process seemed endless.

A saving grace for us in this holding pattern was knowing we had funds set aside for our two trips to Ethiopia. Through our Village to Village funds we were able to pay for our family of four to visit its fifth member in Addis Ababa. On Easter weekend of March 2016, we made our first trip. We were able to focus on bonding with him and learning about his home country, rather than stressing over expenses. Taking our two biological daughters to Ethiopia deepened their empathy for their brother and accelerated our family bond.

I returned to Ethiopia on Mother’s Day Weekend, five weeks later, to bring my son home to his forever family. Finally, the wait was over. Finally, we could begin the business of being family: building trust, showing love, fighting shame, and growing in the grace of God.

We are grateful for the generosity of Village to Village International and the donors who regularly give to its cause. If it were not for God moving in your hearts to help us care for the fatherless, our long and frustrating process may have felt crushing. If not for the mission of Village to Village International, children like Sensi may not have a forever family. Thank you.


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