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The Bobbett Family



Family Info:
Parents: Dan & Susan Bobbett
Location: Burlington, VT
Adoption Type: International
Adopting From: China
Child's Age: Toddler
Special Needs: Yes
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Our Story

Dan and Susan live just outside of Burlington, Vermont, with their three children. Susan is a college professor in the counseling field, and Dan is a former counselor who is currently working to become a CPA. Susan also has 23 year old twin daughters- one in nursing school and the other an English Teacher in South Korea.

Dan and Susan are adopting a little boy from China who is almost 4 years old, but due to an orthopedic condition, Arthrogryposis, he is unable to walk at this time. When this little boy was found abandoned at one month old, he had clubbed feet and both hips were dislocated. He has been very fortunate that he was given surgeries to correct his feet and his hips, but the orphanage is not able to provide him with the further surgeries or devices he needs to learn to walk.

Although originally planning to adopt a child as “young and healthy as possible,” Dan and Susan requested to see the file of the child who is unable to use his legs and gets around by dragging himself across the floor. Although this was initially a bit startling to see, what they saw most of all was a happy and determined little boy with an infectious giggle. Through prayer, honest conversations, and a lot of faith, Dan and Susan knew this was their son. This was only confirmed the next day when their 10 year old daughter said, “I hope we adopt the little boy who can’t walk yet.” Dan and Susan fully believe that with the proper resources and support, and a lot of God’s grace, this little boy will not only walk but will one day RUN!

Dan and Susan are so excited to being so close to bringing home this precious little boy. Although incredibly expensive, they felt it important for their three children to see their little brother’s birthplace and to experience a little bit of his culture firsthand.

Please consider supporting the Bobbett family adoption on their journey to bring this sweet boy home to his forever family. 100% of all contributions will go toward their final agency fees and travel expenses.


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