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For many teachers, applying TBRI in the classroom is a complete paradigm shift. Prioritizing trust-based relationships in a classroom takes a lot of work, but ultimately, we believe the effort is worth the reward.  Anthony worked as a licensed teacher and Matt spent 3 years as a regular substitute teacher at both elementary and secondary levels.

We have walked this road ourselves, and we know how hard it is to learn and apply TBRI without accountability and mentoring.  That is why we have created a program to help make the principles of TBRI more tangible.

Great insight into how trauma impacts child development and techniques and strategies to “reach” those students.
-Teacher of 15+ Years (Elkhart Academy at EHS)

It was one of the most worthwhile trainings I have ever been a part of.
-Teacher of 15+ Years (Nappanee Elementary)

Excellent training – a much more effective way to engage with all students!
-Teacher of 15+ Years (Pierre Moran Middle School)

What we offer

-10 Elementary or Secondary lesson plans with individualized building instruction
-ACES and trauma training for teachers and staff
-TBRI Connecting, Empowering, and Correcting strategies
-Ongoing new staff training

 Sample Lesson Plan

We have trained 300+ educators, Administrators, and Building Staff.

Approximately 100 completed post-training surveys regarding our 10 week curriculum.
71% of these teachers have been teaching for 11+ years.
97% “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that the training benefitted them in the classroom.
87% “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that the training benefited them in their personal life.

I recommend this training not only as an educator but also as a parent. I’ve used it just as much at home as I have in school.
-Teacher of 10+ Years (Northwood Middle School)

Do it! It is worth every hour of training. I am a better parent, spouse, and teacher for making the time for TBRI. This information brought to light so many behavior management strategies, thinking points, and vocabulary to help the adult and the child. Every week felt like an “ah-ha!” and was somehow also simple to implement and understand.
-Teacher of 10+ Years (Wakarusa Elementary)

It opened my mind to look at students who ‘act out’ differently. I am now calmer when I talk with them and can address their behaviors with more understanding, compassion, and patience.
-Teacher of 15+ Years (Northwood Middle School)

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