Halo program

HALO Program is a short term, intensive TBRI intervention that delivers 50 hours of clinical intervention in a 10-week span.  Classes meet weekly from 6-8 on a Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday evening.

Please note, each round of HALO is capped at 6 families – 1 child per family.
Currently, we are only running HALO for kids ages 4-8. 

Our next round of HALO will run from January-March 2025 in Elkhart or St. Joseph County.  

**Exact location TBD based on the locations of families that sign up.**

Andrew Moca

Trauma Education Classes (TEC)

Caregivers participate in 10 weeks of Trauma Education Classes. Classes are limited to 12 caregivers and each class is 2 hours in duration. Classes teach connecting, empowering and correcting principles and rely heavily on experiential exercises, group discussion, role-play, and TBRI® DVDs. TEC is facilitated by a licensed therapist.

Andrew Moca

Kids club

Children participate in HALO Kids Club once a week for 10 weeks. HALO Kids Club occurs at the same time as TEC. Each child is paired with a “buddy,” which is a volunteer member of the community. HALO Kids Club activities are designed to teach feelings expression, self-regulation, and life value terms associated with TBRI®. Kids Club is facilitated by a TBRI Pracitioner. 

Family Therapy

Caregivers and child participate in family therapy sessions once a week for 10 weeks (and additional weeks if needed.) Sessions focus on teaching connection through child-led play using TBRI® Connecting Principles, problem solving specific behaviors, and role-playing TBRI® skills learned in class.  In addition, trauma processing through the use of storytelling, play therapy, education and life books is  included.  Family sessions are held during the day between the hours of 8:00 am – 3:00pm. 

Life before HALO was stressful…It was like walking on egg shells around ‘her.’  Family life after HALO is a complete 180.  My child has been in complete control of her emotions and has become my biggest helper.  She is a brand new girl.”


HALO has really been a God send and really opened my eyes to so many things about my grandson I would have NEVER known otherwise.  Everyone at HALO has been very helpful, positive and most importantly NON JUDGEMENTAL!  You will never know how much I appreciated these last 10 weeks!”


My son is more independent, more open, and full of positive emotions that we were not able to see in the past.  He is definitely more secure and loving.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in HALO Program?
-Halo is for kiddos who are in foster care or have been adopted and their families.  Only 1 child from a family can participate in the program at a time.

Is HALO Program for all ages?
-HALO is designed for kids ages 4-17.  However, due to limited resources and staff, we are only able to offer it to kids ages 4-7 at this time.  We hope to expand our services in the future.  If you want to partner with us toward that goal, reach out!

How often is HALO offered?
-Eventually, we hope to be able to offer HALO 6-10 times a year.  Currently, we are only able to offer it once annually.

What is the cost?
-Our goal is that families incur no cost for the TEC classes and HALO Kids Club. In regards to family sessions, HALO will bill your family’s insurance if possible. So, if you have a co-pay, you may be asked to pay that portion. If your HALO therapist does not accept your insurance, scholarships may be available.

How can I be involved in this awesome work?
-Great question.  There are a few ways you may be able to help.  Each kid that comes through our program needs a buddy to partner with them in Kid’s Club.  If you are interested, fill out our volunteer form, and we will be in touch.

Additionally, HALO Program comes with a lot of expenses.  Fully or partially sponsoring a family helps alleviate their financial burden and allows us to serve more families.

Who created HALO Program?
-HALO Program was created by HALO Project out of Oklahoma City.