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Living in today’s world we have the benefit of technology. We are able to provide a first class training right here in our area by the use of this technology. Every April we show the Empowered to Connect Simulcast, and in the fall we also offer the TBRI Informed Classroom Simulcast.

Empowered to Connect

Empowered To Connect, together with Show Hope and The Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at TCU, hosts the Empowered To Connect Conference — a two-day conference designed to help parents, caregivers, educators, ministry leaders and professionals better understand how to create safe healing places for children and youth. The conference is specifically helpful for adoptive and foster families and those who are caring for children who have experienced adverse childhood experiences, maltreatment, and loss.

TBRI & Trauma-Informed Classrooms

TBRI® & Trauma-Informed Classrooms is a 1-day seminar designed to equip educators to help children from ‘hard places’ of abuse, neglect, and/or trauma. You will learn how to disarm fear, optimize learning, and facilitate healing for vulnerable children in the classroom. This 1-day training will include an overview on the impact of trauma and sessions on the Trust-Based Relational Intervention® Our goal for TBRI® & Trauma-Informed Classrooms is to equip educators to meet the needs of every child in his or her classroom.

I’ve received training on trauma before but this training offered applicable strategies that I can immediately implement!

Dean of Students

Concord Community Schools

I loved how many examples they gave. They didn’t just say get involved, they gave practical examples on HOW to handle situations.

Lifeline Youth Ministries


All teachers/anyone who works with children should have access to this training. As a high school special education teacher, this training will be invaluable in my classroom.


Concord Community Schools

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