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The Boyd Family



Family Info:
Parents: Josh & Heidi
Location: Nashville, TN
Adoption Type: Domestic
Adopting From:
Child's Age: Newborn
Special Needs:
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Our Story

When we were married in 2002, we thought our story would be traditional: first came love, then came marriage, then someday would come a baby or two or three! Two years later while we were living in Peru, South America, though, Heidi sensed that our story may not unfold according to our original plans. Having spent some time with the kids in an orphanage in Lima, she began to wonder if and hope that God would have us pursue adoption. I (Josh) was less sure adoption was for us as I feared the expense and uncertainty. I thought we should just stick to the script and try to have our own kids. 

Now, years later, we realize that we are sticking to the script—God’s rather than ours. He has taken us on an unexpected journey. After learning biological children were unlikely for us, we became licensed foster parents in June 2014 in hopes of adopting out of the foster care system. A short time later we welcomed a beautiful foster baby into our home, a girl whom God called us to love and serve for those critical early months of life. Eventually she went to live with her dad, but this little girl remains a part of our lives (albeit from a distance) and will always be a part of our family. In 2017, God revealed yet another plot twist in our story. He called us to be guardians of a twelve-year-old girl named Lexi, who is now fifteen. She has brought joy to our home and has been God’s means of helping us mature and grow as parents. We are thankful for Lexi and know she’ll be an excellent big sister.  

So, for us, after love came marriage, and after marriage came some plot twists and turns we didn’t anticipate but also wouldn’t change. The story we find ourselves in is God’s, and we look forward to seeing how he adds to our family through adoption. Thank you for praying for us and supporting us financially as we begin this next chapter in our story.


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