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The Kempton Family



Family Info:
Parents: Travis & Sarah
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Adoption Type: International
Adopting From: China
Child's Age:
Special Needs:
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Our Story

We are the Kempton Family! Here is a little bit about us-
We (Travis and Sarah) dated for 7 years and have been married 6 years. Our son, Ezekiel, is 3 years old and brings a lot of laughter to our home. Ezekiel is excited to be a big brother and we know he will be a good one! (He is already talking about the kinds of adventures he will have with his sibling). Our family loves and truly enjoys life together.
Adoption has always been a priority to us and we are excited to pursue the route of international adoption from China. We are open to both special needs and medical needs. Although, at this time, we do not know any specific details about our child, we know that God does and is preparing our family for our child in the meantime.
We are anxiously awaiting our little one and would love your support and prayers as we continue this journey.
Thank you for your support and prayers!
The Kempton Family

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