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The Halcomb Family



Family Info:
Parents: Michael & Kristi Halcomb
Location: Lexington, KY
Adoption Type: International
Adopting From: Ethiopia
Child's Age:
Special Needs:
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Our Story

There are a lot of clichés that float around in the “adoption world,” and we’ve always been a bit wary of many of them. But, at the risk of toeing that line, there’s one simple truth that we’ve always held firm to as a family; “We didn’t choose adoption, adoption chose us!” On the surface, that statement may seem rather simple but there is a much deeper reality to it. As God’s children, we have been adopted, and as we seek to imitate God and answer His call to the purest form of religion (looking after orphans and widows), we’re reminded daily of that fact.

Seven years ago, when we went through the adoption process for the first time, the only words we could find to describe our experience of going to Ethiopia to make this happen was; “it forever wrecked our lives…in a good way.” When we saw, heard, and looked the global orphan crisis in the face, we knew the way we saw the world would never be the same, and it hasn’t. That’s why we’re adopting again.

This time, we’re adopting two children, an eight-year-old daughter and five-year-old son. We’ve been enduring the process for four long years now and can see the finish line in sight. We’d like to invite you all to run this leg of the race with us by giving in a financial way. We’d be honored and humbled to have YOU as part of our village!


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