On a somewhat rainy, inspiring day, over 300 individuals from diverse sectors gathered for a transformative experience at The TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention) Summit. This full-day event was a testament to the power of community and the profound impact that TBRI can have on our society.

Setting the Stage: A Diverse Gathering

The summit brought together a remarkable mix of attendees: educators, social workers, mental health professionals, foster and adoptive parents, juvenile justice advocates, and more. Each person arrived with a common goal—to learn about TBRI and explore how it can be applied within their unique spheres of influence. This convergence of different perspectives created a rich tapestry of dialogue and collaboration, setting the stage for a day of meaningful learning and connection.

What is TBRI?

For those new to the concept, TBRI is an evidence-based, trauma-informed intervention designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. Developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross at the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at TCU, TBRI is built on three core principles: Connecting, Empowering, and Correcting. These principles aim to help caregivers build trust and healthy relationships, empower children to succeed, and correct behavior with compassion and understanding.

The Power of Connection: Building a Supportive Network

One of the most profound aspects of The TBRI Summit was the sense of community that developed throughout the day. Participants had ample opportunities to network, share experiences, and build connections that would extend beyond the event. This sense of solidarity and mutual support is crucial for sustaining the momentum of TBRI implementation and ensuring ongoing collaboration among sectors.

A Lasting Impact on Our Community

As the day drew to a close, there was a sense of optimism and commitment in the air. The knowledge gained and connections made at The TBRI Summit have the potential to create lasting, positive impacts on our community. By empowering individuals across various sectors to implement TBRI principles, we are collectively working towards a more compassionate, understanding, and supportive society.

In conclusion, The TBRI Summit was more than just an event—it was a catalyst for change. It showcased the transformative power of TBRI and highlighted the importance of coming together to address the complex needs of vulnerable children and families. As we move forward, let us carry the lessons learned and the connections made into our daily lives, continuing to advocate for and implement trust-based, relational interventions in all that we do. Together, we can create a brighter future for our community.

Highlight Video from the Day