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The Jordison Family



Family Info:
Parents: Michael & Julia
Location: Lamoni, IA
Adoption Type: International
Adopting From: Haiti
Child's Age:
Special Needs:
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Please email Matt at letting him know you would like your donation designated to the Jordison family.

Our Story

This journey began several years ago. Blessed with four biological children we know both the challenges and the joy of a family. When Michael brought home a flyer on adoption from a concert he attended, little did he know that the stage was being set for the Lord to open up a new calling for us. Feeling the prompting of the Lord we began to open our eyes and hearts to this great need. One, among many confirmations, that this was the right direction for us, the Lord gave Julia a dream where she saw herself holding our daughter, and she knew instantly that the child was from Haiti. When all the doors seemed closed, we stepped out in faith and immediately the Lord opened Haiti up again to adoption.
International adoption is expensive and all said and done it can cost upwards of $40,000 or more. We are already well on our way on this journey but we have much further to go. After visiting with our adoption coach it was recommended that we consider fundraising to help defray some of the expenses. At first, we were hesitant because we hate to ask friends and family for money. But our adviser suggested we look at fundraising differently. We’re not asking for money for ourselves, but allowing people an opportunity to give something on behalf of a child that needs a home. We began to more fully see that fundraising – and even the adoption itself – isn’t about us; it’s about someone else, about a little girl from Haiti in our case.
So here we are. If you feel led to join us in this calling please know that we are grateful for your generosity on behalf of our daughter. 100 % of your donation goes towards our adoption when given through Village to Village. Above all, we ask for your prayers and support. They’re just as important.
With much love,
Michael, Julia, Samuel, Isabel, Joshua & Elyse Jordison

Please email Matt at indicating you would like your donation designated to the Jordison family. 


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