TBRI VIrtual Group Training

A live, 12-session virtual training for foster and adoptive parents and caregivers.

Connected parenting doesn’t come naturally for most of us, and it’s hard to actually go about changing our relationship with our kids without some level of accountability and support. This is a practical, relational opportunity to dive deeper into TBRI with other parents who desire to do the same.

This customized class uses a “four weeks on/four weeks off” schedule.  The extended format makes the material more manageable and gives parents additional time to practice what they are learning.

Classes are roughly an hour-long. Weekly, we provide a written summary of the material we cover and assign 2-4 hours of reading, videos, and parenting challenges through our online coaching platform to reinforce what we are learning. 

Topics covered Include

  • ACES and felt-safety
  • Nurture Groups
  • Attachment and the impact of our childhood
  • Regulation and how to be emotionally present
  • The importance of holistic care
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • The IDEAL Response and Levels of Response
  • Sharing power through choices and compromises
  • Repairing our mistakes

The way the class was spread out over several months made the information more doable to actually implement. Less like drinking out of fire hose, more like a tall glass of cold water.

Investing the money and the time into this class and coaching experience is a great way to help establish these important effective practices and change habitually problematic parenting interactions into positive and relationship building interactions.  

This stuff takes work and doesn’t come naturally. Coaching and homework helps with being more intentional about implementing these approaches and building new habits.

I learned that I have my own personal trauma that effects the way I relate to my children. I have triggers just like they do. They need help to regulate themselves when or before they flip their lid.

Our Coaches

Matt Borst (South BEnd)

Matt Borst (South BEnd)

Matt tries his hardest to keep up with his 5 kids, ages 12 to 22. Outside of his kids’ activities, you might find him going on a walk through his neighborhood, traveling to get away from the busyness of life for a few days, trying a new restaurant he has never eaten at before, or traveling to Iowa to spend time with his family.

The following quote from Karyn Purvis sums up what Matt is giving his life to; “Tell your children, ‘you are precious, you are valuable, and nobody else is created like you.’”

Anthony Troyer (Elkhart)

Anthony Troyer (Elkhart)

Anthony and Lauren have three kiddos (ages 4-10) a dog, and (much to Anthony’s chagrin) two cats.  Anthony  has worked with kids from hard places in a variety of settings including as a teacher and as a foster parent. 

Anthony has his MSW and works part time as a child and adolescent therapist at The Cottage at 933 in South Bend.   Caring for kids has taught Anthony that what people truly need, be they young or old, is to feel seen, heard, and valued.  A foundation of connection makes anything possible.

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