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Cause: Helen and Hulagerish
Location: Ziway, Ethiopia


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The following is from Gary and Peggy Ifft, who live and work in Ethiopia.

A friend of ours took one homeless boy to school, paid his school fees, and gave him a shower and new clothes. Expecting to find him in school the next day, he discovered the boy had disappeared. A few days later he surfaced again wearing his old clothes. We suspect he went somewhere to sell his new clothes and lived for a few days off that money and then returned to his begging. He has not continued in school.

We offered another street kid a chance to go to our new school with all expenses paid, after he begged to be able to go back to school again. Although he appeared to be about 12 years old, he claimed to have finished first grade and just desired the opportunity to re-enter school. However, on the appointed day for him to show up at school he was nowhere to be found. Giving up the life of the streets was just too large a hurdle for him. There had to be a better way to help these kids.

Misgana Ministries has long had a dream to provide a home for orphans and vulnerable children and it is a blessing to see that dream come true. Samuel’s Home is an extension of our own home, where we are taking in hurting and vulnerable kids. This name comes from three sources: 1) The owner of the compound is named Samuel and is a follower of Jesus and is very interested in helping the less fortunate kids of Ziway; 2) our son is named Samuel; and 3) Samuel from the book of First Samuel in the Old Testament was a young boy who was given up by his mother from her home to serve in the Temple.

Samuel’s Home is one block from our own house. We converted two of the four rooms into living quarters for the houseparents. The other two rooms are bedrooms for the children. One room will be for boys and the other for girls. With three bunk beds in each bedroom, we will be able to accommodate up to six boys and six girls, for a total of twelve children.

God has blessed us with a wonderful location, wonderful staff, and a great opportunity to provide a safe and loving home for these children.

It is the desire of Village to Village Intl. to partner with Misgana Ministries and Samuel’s Home to help sponsor two children, Helen and Hulagerish. Helen and Hulagerish are 11-year-old twin girls. By sponsoring Helen and Hulagerish you help provide shelter, food, and education, all while in a loving and supportive home environment learning about the love of Jesus. The sponsorship is $50/month per child for a total of $1,200/year.

We have sponsored Helen and Hulagerish since 2012, and we are excited to be a part of their lives again in 2019. Will you help us help them?


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