At a Village to Village Intl. fundraiser in Detroit I met Corinne.  Corinne connected with the purpose and mission of Village to Village Intl. and passed this passion on to her students.  Corinne contacted me shortly after the fundraiser and wanted to bless the children that had recently been brought into a family by involving her students.  Below is Corinne‚Äôs story:

I am a teacher at Northpointe Christian School in Grand Rapids, MI.  This past week, a group of about 25 high school students completed a number of outreach projects. Most days we were off campus serving at various locations around the city. On Friday, the students took the time to make baby blankets for the children who have found homes with families who have been a part of Village to Village Intl. We began by reviewing and discussing the purpose of Village to Village. The students were very interested in learning about the organization and asked amazing questions. From there, we were able to view each child and family’s biography page. Being able to see the child they were making the blanket for was so helpful in gaining the students’ involvement and passion for this project.

Our theme for the week was “A Servant’s Heart.” Throughout the week, I was very impressed with how thoroughly and carefully the students worked on their different projects at hand. The blankets proved to be no different. Each blanket was made by three to four students. They did everything from the cutting and pinning of the ribbons to sowing the fabrics together. Afterwards, they took some time to write cards for the child to go along with the blanket. Each group also produced a brief response to this experience. Here is what one group wrote: “This week we have been working on having a ‘servant’s heart.’ One of our projects was to make a baby blanket for Shaun. We really enjoyed making this blanket for this little guy. Jeremiah 29:11 says, ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ Jesus has a plan for every child in the world, like He had a plan for Shaun.” Written by Naomi, Emily, Sam, and Anthony.

This week Village to Village Intl. families will receive these blankets for their children.  Thank you Northpointe Christian School Students for your thoughtfulness!  Thank you, Corinne, for teaching the next generation to care.