Doctors had little hope for Philip when he was born.  The medical complications seemed insurmountable back then.  But today, Philip is growing, learning and now walking with the help of his new brace.  New Day Foster Home in Beijing, China, is the home for many children like Philip.  Children with motivation and determination, however, most facing medical hurdles.  Thank you for giving to Village to Village Intl. to help purchase Philip’s brace.  From “vegetable” state to walking on his own is a miracle.  Thank you, New Day Foster Home, for providing a safe environment for Philip where he could reach his full potential!

Philip is almost 7 years old now and loves his foster family.  He likes to paint pictures and explain what he’s painted.

Village to Village Intl. is anxious to return to New Day Foster Home in Beijing, this April.  Six of us will be delivering the formula you have helped purchase.  Thank you for caring for these children.  We love you Philip!

 The soul is healed by being with children.  
-Fyodor Dostoevsky