On April 26, five teams and over 70 people showed up to play in a dodgeball tournament.   We were able to raise over $1,100! All the money will go to help children in need around the world.

Thanks to everyone who played, what a great group of people

Here are what some people had to say about the tournament.

“When are you doing this again?”
“Can I play next time you do this?”
“How often are you going to do this?”
“That was a blast!”
“I cannot believe how much fun that was.”
“That was awesome!”

I would like to thank Boht Trophy for the donation of the trophies, Renew Elkhart for your sponsorship, The Elkhart Youth and Community Center for allowing us to hold our event there, everyone who put teams together and recruited others to play, and Paul Baldwin for your help with organizing the event.

If you would be interested in helping support Village to Village by hosting your own dodgeball tournament, contact Matt Borst at matt@villagetovillageintl.com.  This is a very simple and fun way to raise some money for a great cause.