Corinne, the birthday girl, is a Village to Village board member
Nearly 26 years old and eager to find creative ways to help support Village to Village Intl. and its many critical causes, I thought why not use my birthday as a way to bring people together in support of this organization. In August, while running a 5K with Stacey Borst we began discussing the needs among foster children. Supporting families who participate in foster care is one way that Village to Village Intl. has started to reach its local community. As Stacey and I spurred each other on to keep running the race we also found ourselves talking about how children in foster care often do not have personal luggage. Coincidentally, my mom and I had been talking about this same need just a few days prior. Their lack of and need for luggage is extremely ironic and heartbreaking to me.
I had heard of a local sewing studio that had opened up near where I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After learning more about the store and what it can offer I thought this could be the perfect venue and resource for making bags for children who are in the foster care system. With my birthday right around the corner I began talking with my mom about this idea. She offered to underwrite the evening so that my friends and I could make these bags for children who often find their selves traveling from one place to the next, and who deeply need to feel a sense of belonging. My desire for doing this was to provide these children with something that they can call their own. It is a small contribution and won’t satisfy the desperation of their situations, but I pray these bags serve as a reminder that Christ loves each one of them and has called them to be His, amidst the ever changing world we live. 

The finished product.  Thank you ladies for your time and gifts.