As 2023 comes to an end, we reflect back on all that we have accomplished this year. Here are the highlights.

  • Completed the first two duplexes of Oasis Community
  • Residents moved into Oasis Community in October
  • We have started construction on the first single-family house for Oasis and it is scheduled to be completed by March 2024
  • We successfully met our $250,000 matching grant
  • Hilary Jarrell, Anthony Troyer, and Matt Borst attended HALO Training in Oklahoma City, they will start the first HALO training for families in January 2024
  • Started TBRI Training at Triton Community Schools
  • Continue to do TBRI Training at WaNee Community Schools
  • We have moved from 3 TBRI Practitioners to 13 in Elkhart and St. Joe Counties
  • Started a TBRI Collaborative for the state of Indiana, this is a collaborative in partnership with the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development, Village to Village, and all the TBRI Practitioners in the state of Indiana
  • Spoke at The Lost Sparrows Conference
  • Spoke at the 2023 Christian Educators Association Convention
  • Spoke at the TBRI Summit in Elkhart, IN
  • Provided TBRI Training for 90 professionals in Terre Haute from many different sectors in the community

Thank you to all of you for being on this journey with us. Many of you have given your money to help make all of these things possible and for that, we are grateful. If you would like to make a year-end gift to help us as we move into the new year, you can do so by clicking here. Thanks again for your support.