“How much time do I have, Little One?”

I met you just today…what excitement and what pleasure!
This little outfit that you wear will become a special treasure.
I don’t know what you’ve endured in your short little life,
Or what haunting memories flood your mind when you close your eyes at night.
But let me assure you, Little One, you are completely loved and adored.
You will learn to trust and feel secure each day, more and more.
“How long will you stay with me?”, I ponder as I rock you.
I haven’t known you long, but I feel I can’t live without you!
How long will I kiss your tear-filled eyes and scraped-up little knees?
Each boo-boo gives me a purpose because mommy is who you need.
How long will I make your meals and serve your favorite foods?
It’s such a joy to hear you pray and thank Him for all the good.
I hate to say “good-bye” to you when you leave for weekly visits,
But I pack your bag with love, give you kisses, and pray for you every minute.
I know this all confuses you. It doesn’t seem to make a bit of sense.
But know I am ready to hold you in my arms when you are on the defense.
I love you, oh so much, more than words could ever say.
Time passes much too quickly, and decisions about your future must be made.
How much time do I have, Little One? I really do not know.
But I am thankful for the time we are given, and oh, I love you so!