This week we lost an amazing lady who gave her life to help children and families. Dr. Karyn Purvis passed away on Tuesday, April 12. I (Matt) will be forever grateful for her and her work of helping kids from hard places. The material that she developed and has shared with so many has been the conduit to so many children being able to experience deep levels of healing. We are committed to spreading this hope giving message and we will continue to do so through hosting the simulcast and teaching our 9 week parenting class. Our prayers are with the family of Dr. Purvis and her team at TCU. Thanks for investing in the lives of children.

In an attempt to give you a little picture of the impact this material has on families, we thought we would share with you some direct quotes from our simulcast we hosted last weekend. Enjoy.

“This was such a helpful weekend of information and learning.”
“I am so thankful to take home the various resources to not only integrate with your future adopted child, but also to our biological children right now.”
“This was our first time attending ETC and we loved it! Such great info. Hope to come next year.”
“It was eye opening to hear Dr. Howard say…’The consequences of neglect are far more serious then that of abuse. By giving these kids a voice we are telling them they matter and have value.'”
“Our takeaway was, behavior emerge from needs.”
“I feel more equipped and encouraged to address parenting that often is intimidating and seems unmanageable.”
“I have received some tools I am very excited to put into practice.”
“I am hopeful that the things I have learned will bring healing and growth to our family.”
“You have to regulate yourself first before you can help regulate your kiddos.”
“Where was this 19 years ago?”
“This has really helped me understand behavioral and emotional needs.”
“This has been so good!”
“We now know for sure what has happened to our biological son while raising him along with our adopted children, thank you!”