What comes to your mind when you see the number 25?
The album by Adele, Bary Bonds, Christmas, a quarter, the atomic number of manganese, how old you are, how many years you have been married, etc.

We would like you to think of something else. OUR GOAL.

Our December Goal:
25 new people to sign up to give at least $10 a month.

This comes down to a little less than 33 cents per day to help children all over the world. There is no administration fee taken out of any of our donations. That means that 100% of what you give goes to the cause that you want it to go to. 

Would you consider becoming a financial partner of Village to Village by signing up to give $10 a month? You can do so here.

If you are already a financial partner of Village to Village, would you be willing to share with others why you choose to give, and ask them to do the same?

Thank you in advance.