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DID YOU KNOW THAT 25% OF AGED-OUT FOSTER YOUTH HAVE PTSD? A rate higher than our combat vets.

You’ve likely heard about Indiana’s foster care crisis in recent years, however, the plight of those same kids when they “age out” of foster care is much less publicized.

Aged-Out foster youth have a tough time transitioning to adulthood.
-71% of young women are pregnant by the age of 21.
-Only half of aged-out youth are employed by age 24.
-50% will develop a substance dependence.
-1 in 5 will instantly become homeless when they turn 18.

We are committed to doing better. No young person should have to journey into adulthood alone.

Click below to hear a short update about the Intentional Neighboring Community that we are planning to build in South Bend to support these youth.

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