The hands on the clock stopped for one adopting family last month.  A journey that began with anticipation landed them in a detention center in a foreign country.  This family was in the process of adopting four siblings and had traveled to be with them when they were falsely accused of child trafficking and arrested.  Stuck in a detention center, they were separated from their two biological children and the four children they were adopting.  Why?  What??  How??? Questions must have flooded this family’s head as they sat in the middle of “unknown.” The mother commented on this time after they were released and admittedly detained for no reason:

         “I remember sitting in the detention cell wondering “how much longer?”  and asking God all the “whys” when it dawned on me…EVERY child is worth fighting for even at the expense of being detained for false accusations.” – Christine Moghadam

In the midst of this “unknown” situation their 13-yr-old adopted son said that he KNEW his new parents would fight for him and the rest of his siblings.  His hope during this unknown situation is beautiful.

It is the reason Village to Village Intl. exists.  It is the reason we invite you to join us.  We want vulnerable children to KNOW that someone has their back and that they are worth every ounce of effort.