We raise the megaphone to our lips because this announcement is worth hearing!  Skip cartwheels with us and blow up the balloons because we are celebrating!  The Wellings family is home from China with their two-year-old daughter, Renee!  

Four years ago, Tim and Lisa Wellings, felt God leading them to adopt, but they never imagined the rough road ahead.  After two years of waiting to adopt a child from Nepal, adoptions from this country were suspended, leaving the family emotionally exhausted and financially wasted.  Grief over their personal loss and for the children in Nepal weighed heavy.

“We did not know if we could find the resources or the strength to try again to adopt internationally,” said Tim and Lisa.  “When we heard about Village to Village Intl. it gave us new hope and we saw it as an answer to our prayers as we looked to God to help us raise the money we needed to start again.”

In January of 2011, they set out again to adopt, but this time their path led them to China.  And in March of 2012, they arrived home with their precious daughter, Renee.  Now a family of seven, sprinkled with more love and a little more pink, they thank you for your support.

“We don’t always understand the ways of God, but it is an awesome thing to see God take the ashes of the failed adoption and create beauty.  We want to thank you for making it possible to bring our daughter home. Your gifts to us paid for our round trip airplane tickets and Renee’s airplane ticket home. It was such a blessing. She is an amazing little girl!”