Stepping out our front door this morning we were greeted by a beautiful, double-rainbow.  “It’s so neat that God put that in the sky afterthe rain,” said our nine-year-old daughter.  My husband and I smiled at each other because if anyone needed to know that God is still there it is our daughter, Liberty.  Three weeks ago we uprooted our family from Chicago and moved them to Elkhart, Indiana.  Not a big move considering miles, but we left dear friends and a lovely city behind and our daughter, Liberty, is expressing it the most.  Many nights she’s gone to bed with a tear-dripped pillow because of the loss she feels inside. 
I’ve been thinking of that rainbow all day.  I’ve also been thinking of Liberty’s words and the look on her sweet face.  I, too, like when I’ve weathered the storm and see a rainbow hanging in the clear, blue sky afterwards.  However, as the day has unfolded that has not been the case.  Yes, the rainbow came, but so have more storms.  More thunder and more lightening.  More and more and more rain.
As I think of many of the children and adopting families we advocate for at Village to Village Intl., I can’t help but wander if they feel like they are caught in a flash flood storm.  The thunder and lightening of unethical bureaucracy, the downpour of financial pressure, and the weighted down feeling of being drenched by a storm out of their control.  While I wish I could tell you that the storm will end soon, I can’t.  But I can tell you what I learned from that rainbow today.  The same Maker that put that colorful sign in the sky many years ago is still communicating to us.  Saying to people that have been through and are heading into storms – I am still here.