When we say the word “village” here at Village to Village Intl. (V2V) we are speaking of 1,000 people.  It has always been our vision here at V2V to see a “village” (1,000 people) giving $10 a month to help orphans.

This year we are going to focus on completing our first “village.”  We have set a goal to find 900 people, who are willing to give just $10 a month, to fulfill our first “village.”

We are going to break 2014 into quarters and focus on finding 225 people per quarter.  We will be tracking this progress and posting it on our website and on our Facebook page.

So to be clear, this year we are asking 900 people to give $0.33 a day, which is $10 a month, to help provide care and loving homes to orphans both internationally and domestically.

How do you do this?
1.  You can sign up here on our website.
2.  You can simply text $10 to 574-707-8625 and follow the directions.

What else can you do?
1.  Share this on your Facebook page.
2.  Do you know 10 other people who think that helping orphans is worth $10 a month?  Ask them to give too.
3.  Host an open house and share V2V with your friends. (You can host or a rep from V2V could help you host as well).
4.  Invite V2V to come to a special event at your church (ie. missions conference, Orphan Sunday, etc.)

If you have other ideas or would like to host an event or invite V2V to an event please contact us at matt@villagetovillageintl.com.