A few months ago I (Matt) was contacted by Marie Boggess.  She asked me if it would be okay if the proceeds from a carnival that they were planning at their church went to help Village to Village.  Here is what Marie had to say about this experience.

My name is Marie Boggess and I am the part-time youth director at Immanuel Baptist Church in Minot, ND. One event the youth group plans every year is called the Carnival for Compassion, which is an idea the students had to try and make a difference in other people’s lives. This year was the second year we have done this carnival which includes fun games for kids, face-painting, food, and a silent auction. Our church is amazing in that the members donate almost everything to make the night a success: decorations, hotdogs, prizes, games, volunteers, etc. Each year we decide where we want 100% of our proceeds to go, and this year, we decided to choose one of the special projects through Village to Village International. Our goal this year was to make $2,000 to send to the families at the Heart of Korah. On May 21st, we had our carnival, and it was such a fun night! We had more games, more silent auction items, and more people who were willing to donate to a great cause than we did the first year! We ended up making $2,400 and we were all so excited to see what a few kids and adults could do for Jesus with the talents that God has given us and a little hard work! It is amazing what can happen when we take a simple idea and take action together; hundreds of people can be impacted!

Village to Village Intl. would like to thank Marie, her family, and Immanuel Baptist Church in Minot, ND for making this all possible.  Thanks for helping us care for vulnerable children.