by Valerie Busic

The phone call comes in,

“Do you have enough room?”
For one more young child….
He needs a home very soon.

He comes to your door,
tattered and bruised,
His clothes are all dirty,
he’s wearing no shoes…

You welcome him in
with a smile on your face,
He’ll have to adjust
at his very own pace.

His life has been
a hard, rocky road.
Somehow you must help
to lighten his load.

He is going to need you
to care for him now,
So deep in your heart
you silently vow-

To make his life better
than what he has now,
to again make him smile,
though you’re wondering how.

Each new day brings
anger, sadness, and joy
You pray that your love
can help this young boy.

Sometimes it seems that
you’re getting nowhere,
And you wonder why God said
“Send this child there”.

After an especially trying day
When you’re sure
There must be
An easier way

Into the room,
his footsteps now come.
With a shy hug, he whispers,
“I love you, Mom”

With tears in your eyes,
you know just what to say,
You’ve waited and waited
For this very day.

“Remember this, honey,
And no matter what,
You’re special. I love you.
You just hold on to that.”

And then the day comes
when you answer the phone…
They’re sending “your” little boy
back to his home.

You think of the work
that may be undone
When they do send him back,
to the very same one.

He’s much different today
then he was, way back when.
Your hard work has paid off,
You can see it in him.

You hope and you pray
he’ll remember your love
But you can’t help but wonder,
Will it be enough?

To carry him through
what may lie ahead
You try to be strong
To cover your dread

Your head says you must
get through the good-byes
But the weight in your heart
feels like part of it died.

Later, you learn
he’s doing quite well.
He comes over to visit
and you really can tell.

His life isn’t perfect but…
it’s turning quite nice
So you have made a difference.
In one little boys life.