The other day I read an article by Dr. John DeGarmo that was entitled “What the Media is NOT Telling You About Dads Like Me.” It starts off this way…

“Absent fathers. Abusive dads. Poor role models for children. Today’s media is full of stories about fathers and dads who are absent in their children’s lives; who harm their children with various forms of abuse; who are poor role models to their children on a variety of levels.”

You can read the rest of the article here if you are interested.

Like most of our news and media, the stories about fatherhood that are “news worthy” are almost always negative. So I thought that it would be cool to write about the “other” stories. The positive stories of fatherhood.

Now, we are in no way claiming that the people in the stories we share are perfect in any way. They are real people, with real children, with real problems, who have and will make real mistakes that we can all learn something from or just simply be encouraged by.

We will be sharing these stories on our blog and on our Facebook page from time to time. Be encouraged that there are many fathers investing into the next generation.