After a months-long process, we are excited to announce that St Joseph County has awarded Village to Village a grant of $500,000 for Oasis Community. Yes, you read that right, $500,000!

Here are the details of this grant:
1. We get half of the grant immediately. I already received a check from the county for $250,000.
2. The remaining $250,000 is a matching grant. This means that we need to raise $250,000 in order to get the remaining $250,000 from the county.
3. They are allowing us to draw on this remaining $250,000 quarterly. So if we raise $100,000 in the first 3 months we can submit that amount and they will give us $100,000 of the match.

Double Your Money
This is a unique opportunity for you to have your donation doubled.

When we meet this match, we will have over $1.1M in the bank which will allow us to break ground and begin building.

Will you help us by making a donation to Oasis today?
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to double your money.