Sometimes numbers can be overwhelming, and sometimes they can be motivating.  I am sharing these numbers with the hopes of these numbers becoming faces, the faces becoming names, and the names becoming the children we are loving.

The following is taken from a study done by Barna Research Group:

Here is what is true of kids who age out of foster care by the time they turn 26 years old.  The top numbers are those who have aged out of foster care and the bottom numbers are those from the general population.

Those who have a high school education or less:
Those who age out: 60%
General population: 28%

Those who have a 4 year degree or more:
Those who age out: 4%
General population: 36%

Those who are employed:
Those who age out: 46%
General population: 80%

Those who cannot pay rent:
Those who age out: 28%
General population: 6%

Women who receive food stamps:
Those who age out: 68%
General population: 7%

Men who have been incarcerated:
Those who age out: 64%
General population: 9%

The cost of us not being involved is huge.  How can you be involved in your community?