One of my favorite (if not, my favorite) times of year is here; Spring. I love the feeling of the hot sun on a cool day, the feeling of wanting to wear shorts because it is 50 degrees outside, seeing people outside, the longer daylight hours and so much more.

Every year when Spring comes it reminds me of new life. Seeing the trees come back to life after the cold dark winter is a very hope-filled feeling. When I think about our work with children from hard places; whether it be children in foster care, those who are awaiting adoption, those who have been adopted, those who many never be adopted, I am reminded of the One who gives new life, the One who makes old things new again, the One who makes right the wrongs, the One who redeems.

So as spring is upon us may we allow this time of year to remind us to never give up hope on the kids we are trying to help, the kids who have been dealt some pretty crappy hands, and may we be reminded of the One who is the ultimate hope giver: Jesus.

“The Lord alone is our radiant hope and we trust in Him with all our hearts. His wrap-around presence will strengthen us.” – Psalm 33:20