There are many voices represented with adoption and foster care. As an adoptive father myself, it is easy to only listen to certain voices. I believe this is common in many areas of our lives. We have to be purposeful to listen to voices that may be different than ours, that maybe represent a group of people in which we do not belong, that maybe see things from a perspective that we have never seen before, that may even make us a little uncomfortable. When we choose to listen to the voices that are different than ours, it shows that our ultimate goal is understanding. We are seeking to understand something from another perspective other than our own.

This is why I believe that Angela Tucker’s voice is so important! We all need to hear from her and other adoptees. Her experience is something we all can learn from.

Her questions
Her curiosity
Her bravery
Her courage
Take a listen it is only 34 minutes.

You can also learn more about her story in her documentary entitled “Closure.” It can be seen on Netflix and Amazon.