He raced me to the door and gestured that he could open it.  I backed off to watch as his arms strained to pull his limp legs across the room to the door.  With determination he reached up to the window’s ledge and pulled himself up.  Once standing, with his body weight supported by his little arms, he stretched out his fingers for the door knob.  Grimicing and twisting, he managed his goal.  He opened the door for me.  A little toddler, with so much will, accomplished something that I don’t even realize takes effort.  I was proud of him.  He was proud of himself.  His name is Joshua.  He taught me something that day.

There are many more children like Joshua, full of life and will, at New Day Foster Home, and I am anxious to meet them.  This time we invite you to pack your bags and travel with us.  In the Spring of 2013, Village to Village Intl. will be hosting it’s first trip to Beijing, China.  Please consider joining us.  Because They Matter!  Dates for our trip will be announced in the coming weeks.  

Click here to see how Village to Village Intl. is currently partnering with New Day Foster Home https://www.villagetovillageintl.com/pediasmart-drive-family-12.php